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Knowledge Contest on Maritime Humanistic Literacy Successfully Held
2016-07-18 19:14   审核人:

November 26th, theKnowledge Contest on Maritime Humanistic Literacy was held in the college club. 9 teams from the Party branches took part in the contest. The leading body of the college, all the teachers and staff and some of the students watched the contest.

In recent years, the college authorities are attaching great importance to the cultivation of humanistic literacy and taking the improvement of humanistic qualifications of the seafarers into serious considerations. Meanwhile, the college is offering the courses of humanistic literacy and organized the compilation of the textbook ofMaritime Humanistic Literacy,which fills the blank of the maritime education.

In order to further promote the education of humanistic literacy and improve the maritime integrated qualifications of the teachers and students, the college organized the learning and practice activity ofMaritime Humanistic Literacyall over the college. On basis of this, the college also organized the knowledge contest. 9 teams participated in the contest in the forms of speech and knowledge show, which demonstrates the emphasis wide maritime knowledge of the teachers and students. On the scoring of the judging board, the teams of Administration, Basic Courses Department and Navigation Department won the first, second and third prizes.

Mr. Ma Gui-chuan, Party Secretary and President of the college made a comment in conclusion. He spoke highly of the activity of the improvement of maritime humanistic literacy and said that, the activity has helped to come to common understanding, form the educational atmosphere and lay a solid foundation for further studies. He pointed out that, the education of maritime humanistic literacy is an important part for the cultivation of highly qualified maritime talents. The college is trying every means to improve the humanistic qualifications of the students via the actions of the construction of humanistic literacy courses, teaching resources and i-cloud, etc to push on the progress of talent cultivation to greater success.

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