Navigation Department

The Navigation Department has three nautical science majors (three year diplomas), with the aim placed on cultivating oceangoing deck officers and operational management personnel.


The Navigation Department subordinates six teaching sections of Navigation, Seamanship, Safety Management, Marine Communication, Navigation Simulation and Seafarers Skills. The Department has a rich teaching resource, with 80 staff members, 12 professors, 34 associate professors and senior engineers.


The Navigation Department has a 3D large vessel maneuver simulator and 2 sets of radar operation simulator, 4 sea chart work and route making training laboratories, 2 ship positioning training laboratories, 3 navigation instrument training laboratories and 1 ECDIS training laboratories, 2 GMDSS ship-shore communication laboratories and a seafarers skill training base.


In recent years, the Navigation Department adheres to furthering the teaching reform, enforcing the connotation construction and course development. In 2001, the major of Nautical Science was approved as the first state level educational elite major in higher vocational institutions, approved as the state level pilot major in teaching reform of higher vocational education, accepted in training base construction by the central finance and approved as the key major of city-college construction of Qingdao. The Navigation Department has published 40 textbooks and 6 entered the 12th Five Year Plan of the Ministry of Education. The Navigation Department has chaired 40 scientific research projects from the Ministry of Transport, Educational Department of Shandong Province and COSCO Shipping Group, with 2 projects winning the Scientific Progress Award of the Ministry of Transport and 4 winning the excellent achievement award of the Educational Department of Shandong Province. In the oceangoing 3rd officer competence test organized by the Maritime Safety Administration of the Ministry of Transport, the qualification rate of the students has been on top for years in succession. In the 1st to 3rd Chinese seafarers skill contests, 2011 ~2013, the students of the Navigation Department have won the first three places among all the 30 maritime higher institutions.


The Navigation Department has developed in collaboration with the enterprises and maritime administrations 125 training programs as Professional training for seafarers sailing in polar waters, Training in bridge resource management, ECDIS training in general and special types, Examination training for ship masters and Senior technical training for sailors, etc. The Navigation Department has chaired the activities as seafarers skill contests for SASAC, COSCO Group, National Bureau of Oceanography and Shandong Provincial MSA, providing great support for Qingdao Ocean Shipping Mariners College to become Chinas largest seafarers training base.



Marine Engineering Department

The Marine Engineering Department has two majors of Marine Engineering Technology and Marine Electric and Electronic Technology, with its aim placed in training highly qualified oceangoing engineering management personnel.

The Marine Engineering Department subordinates 6 teaching sections of Marine Main Engine, Marine Auxiliary Engine, Marine Electricity, Ship Management, Marine Engineering Basics and Metal Work. The Department has a rich teaching resource, with 64 staff members, 3 professors, 21 associate professors and senior engineers, 49 holding masters and doctors degrees, 15 holding chief engineer’s certificate and 7 holding second engineering’s certificates.

The Marine Engineering Department has 43 first class teaching and training laboratories, including Wartsila EFI simulator training room, Man EFI simulator training room, marine engineering training room, automatic engine training room and Wartsila low speed diesel engine training room, etc, capable of providing oceangoing seafarers’ competence training including ship propelling operation. On basis of close college-enterprises cooperation, WARTSILA diesel engine company of Finland and Mann diesel engine company of Germany presented our college with RT-Flex and MAN B&W ME EFI diesel engine simulators, making our college the first domestic maritime college having original EFI simulators.

In recent years, under the care and support of leaders, the staff of Marine Engineering Department adhere to the ideology of connotation construction, continue to enforce the course development, create the elite teaching teams, endeavor to improve the teaching quality on the principle of “well grounded, realistic and pragmatic “and achieved great success. The Marine Engineering Technology was evaluated as the provincial level characteristic major; the Marine Auxiliary Teaching Section and Marine Engineering Technology teaching were evaluated as provincial level teaching team; “Marine Auxiliary Engine” was evaluated as state level elite course; “Marine Engineering Management,” “Hydraulic and Pneumatic Technology,” “Marine Diesel Engine” and “Mechanism and Mechanical Transmission” were evaluated as provincial level elite courses. In recent three years, staff of Marine Engineering Department have compiled and published 24 works and textbooks and some of them entered the national 12th year plan education resources. The Marine Engineering Department also achieved internationally advanced success in the scientific fields in marine engine automation, marine information technology and multi media computer aided software research, with multi scientific research achievements honored by provincial and ministerial departments.

Presently, Marine Engineering Department has established close international communication and cooperation with the World Maritime University, South Tyne College of Great Britain, WARTSILA diesel engine company of Finland, Mann diesel engine company of Germany, the shipping engineering department of Siemens Germany, FLENSBURG institute of Germany, the State Maritime University of Russia and Marine Fisheries Research Institute of Korea, etc.



Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering Department

The Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering Department has the major of Ship Engineering Technology (ship’s hull, engine, electricity and refrigeration), Safety Technology Management and Ocean Engineering Technology, etc, with its aim placed in cultivating highly qualified technical talents engaged in technology, management, inspection and trade combined in knowledge and skills in the orientation of shipbuilding, ocean engineering and accessory industry.

The Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering Department subordinates 4 teaching sections of Shipbuilding Engineering, Electric Engineering, Power Machinery Engineering and Safety Engineering and has the training centers as computer lofting training center, special welding training center, non-destruction inspection center, shipbuilding accuracy control training center and electric outfitting training base. There are 24 staff members, with three full professors and 7 associate professors.

The Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering Department earnestly researches into the models of talents cultivation as “order list style” and “modern apprenticeship” and organizes the skill contests as “CAD skill” and “model boat racing,”etc. The students have won the good records of first and second prizes in “National contest in design and manufacture of marine crafts” and “Electromechanical contest of university students, Shandong Province,” etc. The approval of “Marine engineering college operation federation of middle and higher vocational institutions of Qingdao” and “Pilot in modern apprenticeship of marine engineering technology” have greatly enhanced the development. The Ship Engineering Technology and Safety Technology Management were evaluated as provincial characteristic majors, Ship Engineering Technology, Safety Technology Management and Ocean Engineering Technology were key majors in the construction of technical elite colleges. The teachers of the Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering Department have completed more than 20 ministerial and COSCO scientific research projects.
The Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering Department has established production-studies-research cooperation and off-campus training and practice bases with COSCO Shipping Engineering Group Co., Ltd, CNOOC Offshore Oil Engineering (Qingdao) Co., Ltd, Qingdao Yangfan Ship Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Qingdao North Sea Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, Qingdao Wuhan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, Yantai Shunda Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd and Qingdao Xin Sanli Reefer Technology Co. Ltd, etc.


Logistics and Shipping Management Department

The Logistics and Shipping Management Department offers 5 majors of Port and Shipping Management, Logistics Management (shipping logistics orientated), Container Transportation Management (including ocean shipping tally), Accounting (Shipping Accounting orientated),Electronic-Commerce. The Port and Shipping Management is a model major of higher vocational education of Shandong Province and characteristic major of Shandong Province. The major of Logistics Management is the characteristic major of Shandong province.


The Logistics and Shipping Management Department consists of the shipping management section, logistics section, port management section and accounting section.


Aiming at “educating the high-qualified, technical and skilled professionals with high English proficiency, strong practical skills, top overall quality, fast adaptive capacity,” the Logistics and Shipping Management Department is implementing a “one certificate with multiple skills” mode and brand strategy to improve the quality of its specialty construction. Over the years, the Logistics and Shipping Management Department has established very good social reputation in terms of shipping management, logistics personnel training and was conferred “China Logistics Teaching Demonstration Base” and “China Logistics Personnel Training Base” by the Logistics Committee of China Transportation Enterprises Management Association, and won the outstanding contribution award by “Qingdao Shipping and Logistics Billboard Over the Thirty Years of Reform and Opening-up” and “the Best Logistics Personnel Cradle for Qingdao Logistics Industry”, etc.


Based on the Logistics and Shipping Management Department, the CIFA Testing center, FIATA Qingdao Training Center and Qingdao Agency of China Maritime Arbitration Commission are set up in the college. The Logistics and Shipping Management Department has established close ties with the renowned industries as China Ocean Shipping Tally Company, COSCO Logistics (Qingdao) Company, Qingdao Ocean & Great Asia, Qingdao Haijun Logistics, Qingdao Jiahong Shipping Company, etc, in the aspects of teacher practice, graduates employment, training and scientific research and has conducted extensive cooperation with the industry associations as Qingdao Ship-owners Association and Qingdao Logistics Association.


Department of Foreign Languages


The English Department has two majors of International Cruise Attendance Management and Commercial English, with its aim placed in cultivating the highly technical international cruise attendants and commercial talents.  

The English Department has 5 teaching sections of Navigational English, Marine Engineering English, Public English, International Cruise Attendance Management and Commercial English and a Seafarers’ English Competence English Testing Center. There are 65 staff members, with 2 full professors, 24 associate professors, 29 lecturers, 42 holding masters’ degrees, 2 expert committee members of the Social Science Foundation of Shandong Province, 1 member of the steering committee of Vocational Foreign Language Education of Shandong Province, 10 examination experts for seafarers’ competence test of MSA, Ministry of Transport, 30 evaluators for the navigational, marine engineering and marine electricity English listening and speaking for MSA Shandong Province, 1 senior bartender and 4~5 foreign teachers.

The English Department has first class training facilities, 11 language labs accommodating 640 students, 1 auto learning lab for 120 students, 1 cruise culture classroom sponsored by US Royal Caribbean Cruise Company, 2 sets of wireless broadcasting equipment, offering 2 sets of English programs, 1 training center for international cruise attendants.

The English Department adheres to the ideology of connotation construction, continues to enforce the course development, creates the elite teaching teams and endeavors to improve the teaching quality. It has 1 provincial level elite resource sharing course, 1 provincial level characteristic adult educational course. For the maritime undergraduates taking part in seafarers’ competence certification examinations organized by the MSA, Ministry of Transport, the pass rate for navigational, marine engineering and marine electricity English has been on top among the maritime higher institutions for 16 years in succession. The teachers of the English Department have compiled and published 30 textbooks and 500 academic papers. They also carry out the teaching and testing researches, maritime English teaching and seafarers’ examination for the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Education, COSCO Group and Shandong Province, with many winning the awards from the Ministry of Transport, COSCO Group and Shandong Province.

The English Department has signed the cooperation agreement with Qingdao Peng Teng international economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd, COSCO Boao Co., Ltd, COSCO Shipping international labor service Cooperation Company, COSCO Xiamen Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd and Qingdao Fu Xin Hotel, etc. Qingdao Peng Teng international economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd is holding the qualification certificate issued by the Department of Commerce, People’s Republic of China and is qualified for exporting working staff to the world’s top cruise companies as Carnival Cruise Company and Norwegian Cruise Company of the United States of America.



The Basic Course Department


The Basic Course Department subordinates the Ideology and Politics Section, Physical Education Section, Mathematics and Computer Science Sections and is responsible for the teaching of the basic courses of the whole college.

In curriculum development, the Basic Course Department actively promotes the cultivation of the students’ professional skills and constitutions. IN the construction of the majors, the Basic Course Department responds to the social demand in development the internal potentials. In 2016, the department began to offer the major of “Internet Application Technology” and is applying for the major of “Sports Leisure.” In the construction of training, the department is organizing the “National Computer Grade Examination,” “National surveyor examination,” etc and provides the training programs of yacht, sailing, swimming and ship commissar, etc.  

In the construction of campus culture and sports, the department joins the public courses teaching with team training and won the honors of the first place of Byte CII class 2014 the 9th Qingdao sailing contest, first place of women’s sailing contest, the second place individual and first place group Wyatt sailing contest and second place of the 3rd China seafarers’ skill contest.