Relevant Departments

The College Office

1.    Responsible for external liaison and exchange for the Party committee and the college; the reception of the visiting and the organization/arrangement of the activities for the superiors, the external units and the foreign guests (with the exception of those exclusively relating to the relevant business departments); for handling the general public affairs on behalf of the college.

2.    Institute and implement the development plan for the college’s external cooperation and exchange, and draft the relevant rules and regulations.

3.    Responsible for high-level liaison with the governments, educational institutions, enterprises and public institutions home and abroad, and expanding the external exchange and cooperation.

4.    Responsible for submission and approval procedure for the college staff going abroad on business and the handling of the relevant formalities.

5.    Responsible for relevant work for the foreign teacher’s recruitment and dismissal.


Department of Organization/ Human Resource Department

    1. Responsible for the construction and management of Party organizations and contingent of carders and for the organization and development of Party members;
2. Responsible for the planning of the college human resources, formulating personnel mechanism reform of the college carders and the general planning of the provision of organization structure and positions;
3. Responsible for the introduction, recruitment, training and development of college staff;
4. Responsible for the organization, guidance, employment and evaluation of college staff;
5. Responsible for the control of human costs, salary and insurance of the college;
6. Responsible for the management of the retired staff members.


The Research and Development Department

     1. Responsible for organizing and making the middle and long term development and strategic plan and other special plans for the college;
2. Responsible for the planning, designing, organizing, facilitating and implementing of the major development and reform tasks of the college;
3. Responsible for the accreditation and effective operation of the quality system of the college;
4. Responsible for the management, evaluation and assessment of the overall risk management and internal control;
5. Responsible for the teaching supervision of the college.

Technological Development Department      


1.Responsible for the college scientific research management and the COSCO Shipping technical sub-center.                      

2.Responsible for the routine liaison and management of the visiting experts.  

3.Responsible for the market demand, research and analysis for the external cooperation, the exchange and negotiation at the earlier stage.  

Responsible for the transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements of the college.


The Teaching Department

       As the teaching administration office of the college, the Department of Teaching Affairs subordinates the sections of teaching construction and teaching management, responsible for the establishment and facilitation of majors, research projects of teaching reform, construction of laboratories, construction and management of course books, management of teaching and practice, students’ registration and enrollment, etc. There are 9 staff members, with the dean, vice dean, director for teaching construction, director for teaching management, teaching secretary, teaching affairs secretary and secretaries for registration, enrollment and management. The Department of Teaching Affairs is active in making progress, earnest in routine work and has formed team of cohesion and effectiveness, entitled as the “Pioneer workers” by the Seafarers Union of Shandong Province and evaluated as the “Advanced unit in the system of education” by the Educational Department of Shandong Province.

In recent years, the Department of Teaching Affairs follows the educational police of the Party and Higher Educational Law of the country, under the correct leadership of the higher-up educational administration, the Party Committee and administration of the college, dependent on the efforts of the teaching departments and the whole faculties of the teaching staff, regulates the teaching management, enforces the construction of teaching, furthers the teaching reform and achieves great progress in course development, course construction, construction of practice bases, construction of course books and teaching regulations. The Department of Teaching Affairs has succeeded in completing the construction of “Characterized elite college in the cultivation of technical talents of Shandong Province” and has been accepted, winning the construction in collaboration with Qingdao city in three key majors, two projects of modern apprenticeship, two courses of state level elite open courses, many courses winning the honor of provincial level elite courses and five teaching achievements winning the educational and teaching awards of Shandong Province.


The Training Department

      1.Responsible for signing training agreement externally on behalf of the college
2.Responsible for the development and management of the training programs,
3.Responsible for the venue rental within the school
4.Responsible for university-enterprise cooperation council secretariat


The Students Department

The Students Management Department of Qingdao Ocean Shipping Mariners College is composed of Students Affairs Division, Military Affairs Division and the Youth League Committee, subordinating Students Mental Health Education Center and Career Center. The Department is responsible for the ideological education, semi-military management, employment guidance, financial aids, mental health education and consultancy and campus culture, etc of the students. The department adheres to the principles of capability and efficiency, integrates the characteristics of ideology, comprehensiveness, timeliness and burstiness of the students work, sets up the mechanism of students orientation, carries forward the spirit of diligence, practicality, innovation and devotion, performs its duties and observes its responsibilities, sincerely cooperative and pioneering and innovative, plays the leading role in the model of COSCO Shipping civilization, implements the education, management, guidance and service of the students and strives for the cultivation of ocean going seafarers characterized in “good work ethics, high level of English and accomplished practical skills.”


The Center of Graphics and Text Information

     The Library and Information Center was established in February 20, 2012. It is made up of the original modern educational technology center and the library. It consists of network information studio, network management studio, editing studio, electronic reading room, social science library stacks, natural science library stacks, archives room, and editorial department. The center has a staff of 23 people now, including 10 teachers who's titles are above associate-high.  


       The Library and Information Center is the department in charge of college education information and library construction. Its responsibilities include the following.
1)Responsible for the research, propaganda, popularization and application of modern educational technology and information technology.
2)Responsible for the research, planning, development, operation and management of digital campus.
3)Responsible for the development, planning and management of the library.
4)Responsible for the research, planning, development, use and management of teaching resources
Responsible for production releases, editing and publishing of several journals including "Journal of Qingdao Ocean Shipping Mariners College", "COSCO Shipping Safety", and "Weekly Maritime Information".