International Exchange

The college conducts extensive exchanges with the maritime institutions from over 20 countries and regions, such as the USA, Canada, Russia, South Korea, Norway, Finland, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc and keeps substantive contact in the aspects of the school-running cooperation, the exchange of scholars, collaboration in research, etc and keeps broadening the cooperation. The engine room simulator developed by the college was presented to the State Maritime University of Panama by COSCO on behalf of China , which contributed to the development of the friendship between China and Panama and produced extensive international impact in Latin America.

In future, while adhering to collectivizing the vocational education, in combination with the new campus construction, the college will create high-end seafarers training programs, forge the brand of “COSCO Training,” strengthen the cooperation with the internationally renowned universities, establish COSCO international business school, and build the college into an internationally prestigious maritime vocational institute and a first-class enterprise training center.