Brief Introduction

Qingdao Ocean Shipping Mariners College is subordinated to COSCO Shipping Group Company. It is a higher vocational institution which enrolls students from all over the country. The college was founded in 1976 with a location in Shinan District of Qingdao, and its predecessor was Qingdao Maritime School. The college was changed to an adult college and renamed as Qingdao Oceangoing Seafarers Training College at the approval of the Ministry of Transport in 1980. The college was further renamed as Qingdao Ocean Shipping Mariners College in 1983 at the approval of the Ministry of Transport 1983. Qingdao Ocean Shipping Mariners Vocational College came into being at the approval of the Ministry of Education in 2010. In 2015, the college was approved as technical talents training elite and characteristic institution by the departments of education and finance. 40 years after its foundation, the college has trained more than 50000 talents for Chinese ocean shipping industry.

The college covers an area of 544 thousand square meters, with a construction area of 108.8 thousand square meters, 1.62 million yuan of fixed assets and 58 million yuan of training equipment. The college owns the internationally first class training equipment and facilities of navigation simulator and domestically advanced marine engine simulator, with 120 various functional training laboratories, the first marine EFI two stroke diesel engine in our country. There are 500 thousands books in the library, 700 kinds of Chinese periodicals, 30 kinds of foreign academic journals and 125 thousand e-books.

Under the leadership and support of COSCO Shipping Group, the college actively implements the maritime teaching reform and practice and opens a way of maritime education and training that follow the maritime educational regulation, suit the seafarers and shipping market and serve the oceangoing shipping industry. The college adheres to the principle of “exemplary work ethics, high level of English and strengthened practical skills” and forms the college operational characteristics of “internationalization in talent education, militarization of students’ management and proceduralization in quality control.”

The college is the first higher institution in China to have established the ISO-9001 Quality System and applied it to the teaching, training and management. It is also the first higher institution to have been qualified in the international DNV accreditation and the authentication of mariner’s education and training by the Maritime Safety Administration of China. The college is the seafarers training center, Party School, English Testing Center and the largest domestic international seafarers’ training center of COSCO. It is the exclusive certification organization of the “training and certificating of the transportation of dangerous cargo” recognized by US Coast Guards and is also the designated institution for maritime teacher training by the national Maritime Safety Administration. The college is the training and testing center of FIATA, Testing Center of China International Freight Forwarders Association, Qingdao Agency of China Maritime Arbitration Commission, Training and Testing Center of National Computer Rank Examination and testing center of CET 4-6. The college offers more than 130 training programs and its annual training capacity is 13000 person-times. The college was honored as “excellent” in 2006 higher vocational institutions evaluation by Shandong Province.

The college is composed of 6 departments of the Navigation Department, Marine Engineering Department, Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering Department, Logistics and Shipping Management Department, Foreign Language Department, Basic Courses Department and a branch campus. In 2015, the key major of International Shipping Management was accepted as city-college collaboration in higher vocational institutions, the major of marine Electricity and Electronics was qualified in intermediate acceptance and Marine Engineering Technology was evaluated as the key major in the third city-college collaboration in higher vocational institutions. The new majors of “Commodity-net Application,” “Electronic Commerce” and “Commercial English” were approved for enrollment by the Educational Department of Shandong Province. The “Navigation Technology” and “Marine Auxiliary Engine” were elected as the state level elite and resources sharing courses, other 10 courses were elected as provincial elite courses and 9 textbooks became the recommended course-books for the 12th Five Year Plan Period. The college is having 12 majors in 2015 and there are 1 state level elite major, 2 state level pilot majors, 1 provincial level model major, 7 provincial characterized majors, forming a framework of course development centered in state level elite majors and pilot majors and supported by provincial level characterized majors.    

The college is having 487 staff members, with 260 full-time teachers, 24 holding senior academic titles, 166 holing the titles of associate professors, 5 foreign teachers, 8 enjoying special allowances above provincial level, 1 provincial elite teacher and 2 city level elite teachers. There are 4800 undergraduates on campus under semi-military management. In the national seafarers’ competence test, the oceangoing majors have been on top for 14 years in succession. With the characteristic cultivation of students, the principle of “exemplary work ethics, high level of English and strengthened practical skills” has witnessed the continual improvement of the students’ integrated qualifications. The students’ team won the 2nd place in the 3rd Chinese seafarers’ competence contest.

The college promotes scientific research in accordance with the development of shipping industry and the demand of the enterprise. The college improves the teaching and research quality of the teachers, with the prominence of “the need of the industry is our task” and the principle of “scientific research serves the enterprise and education”. The teachers of the college have carried out more than 260 scientific research projects of various levels, 70 from the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Communications Shandong Province and Qingdao city and 60 from COSCO for the service of the shipping industry. The college has 39 scientific research achievements winning the awards of China Shipping Science, etc. The marine engine simulator manufactured by the college, is presented to the State Maritime University of Panama by COSCO on behalf of Chinese government.

The college has conducted extensive exchange and cooperation with the maritime institutions with more than 20 countries and regions, such as the U.S., Canada, Russia, South Korea, France, Norway, Finland, the U.K., Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan and has maintained close ties in cooperated college operation, sending scholars and scientific and technological researches with a broadened field for cooperation.

The college is building a new campus in the suburbs, with the first phase construction of 700 mu and a planned area of 200 thousand square meters. It will be used for the full time higher vocational undergraduate education and basic skill training and will greatly improve the hard and soft level of college operation, improve the quality for talent cultivation, increase the ability for serving the society, enhance the overall development of the college to better play the role of enterprise-run vocational education and make greater contributions for our country in the industries of shipping, logistics, ship repair and the construction of blue economy of Shandong Province.



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